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Why Your Website Needs Style, Speed, AND Efficiency

Why Your Website Needs Style, Speed, AND Efficiency

I was watching this absolutely brain-dead youtube video the other day and it got me thinking about websites...Have you ever seen a car that looked reallllly fast but when you took a look under the hood, it had an early 90’s Kia engine + a dead rodent in it?Or have you ever seen a car that looked really ugly and beaten up on the outside but when you took it for a spin your neck almost broke after giving it some gas?Or have you ever seen a car that looked really fancy on the outside but when you opened the door to check out the interior, you noticed it was trashed inside?Way too many websites are just like these cars.Some are stylish but do nothing to build traffic, promote engagement, and increase sales.Other sites are extremely efficient business funnels but look so ugly, they scare people better than Freddy Krueger.If you want to be a member of the modern economy, your website needs style, speed, and efficiency. Just one or two of those isn’t going to cut it.This is a stylish website for our nonprofit fundraising service. Click here to check it out or if you’re too lazy just keep scrolling.

We don’t need to go into detail. It’s eye-catching, fun, simple, easy, and fresh.But take a look under the hood of this website and you’ll notice that it’s fast too. It’s optimized for SEO so it ranks high on search engines and it has premium web servers to improve page loading speed so users don’t get frustrated with how slow it is and lose interest. This site is also incredibly efficient for business as well. Notice how it always drives the user down to discovery calls/inquiries/appointments. When the user gets an appointment, R.J. gets all of the information about the individual sent to his phone automatically at the snap of a finger.

After all, the whole point of websites is to improve business. Looks are great and everything, but if it doesn’t accomplish the job of getting you more business, congratulations you have a worthless piece of art.Do you think it’s time for a website tune up? If so, we’re the mechanics you need. Feel free to reach out to us here if you’re in need of a stylish, speedy, and efficient website for your business. We’ll knock it out in two weeks.