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Tommy's Takes - My Most Expensive Regrets

Written by: Tommy Froehle


I don't know about you, but cash rules everything around me.We have all bought something expensive that we regret, sometimes instantly.Have you ever gone to the mall and on the drive home thought why the hell did I do that? When I started the job I have now, I was driving a 2005 Honda CRV. It had been in at least two accidents with over 200,000 miles.I started saving my money and searching the internet. Everyone around me was telling me to get something reliable. I went with a used BMW I found on Craigslist, I had arrived. If your car wasn’t European you couldn't look at me.That energy I had amassed from buying the car lasted about three days. It was also the same amount of time it took the check engine light to come on. The lights on the dashboard became a trend, I would go to get the car fixed and upon leaving a new one would greet me.I had too much pride to admit to anyone how stupid I felt for getting the car. I was laundering money from my family for repairs and had too much money in the car to try and sell it.This story does however have a happy ending. After work one day someone ran a red light and hit my car, my savior. (I must admit I didn’t think near as highly of him until I found out he had full coverage)What expensive purchase do you regret the most?


I had just gotten engaged, and we had all the added expenses to consider, such as the honeymoon, a new apartment, furniture, and so on.Eight months before the wedding, I had decided to get my dress tailor-made with a fashion designer (not necessarily cheaper). However, there was this constant idea nagging me all the time that I should have bought the dress in a store.Nevertheless, I decided to trust and wait. With every appointment with my designer, my disappointment grew. To her credit, she was a great designer, but it just didn't work for me. Five months before the actual date, I decided that I was not going to wear my tailor-made dress but instead buy it in a store. So I ended up spending around $4,000 on two wedding dresses. And the first one is not even finished.


15 years ago, I spent $130 on a pair of shoes, and these shoes were the bomb. White leather and black suede Nike Air Jordans. The minute I saw them I fell in love. I wore them for two days until I dog sat for a friend of mine, only to wake up the next morning to find my shoes shredded by the dog I was sitting for.I couldn’t get my money back even if I had the receipt since I was sure I wasn’t covered for the "dog ate my Nike’s" refund. After telling my friend who’s dog was the culprit of eating my dream shoes what had happened, he simply shrugged and said “tough luck, probably shouldn’t have bought those shoes.” Since then I have never bought a pair of shoes over $60.We at Embee want to hear what expensive purchases you regret the most. Send in yours to info@embee.media our slide into our DM’s for a chance to be featured.To stay up to date with the latest from Embee Media, be sure to check out other Tommy's Takes and subscribe to our newsletter!