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Tommy's Takes - Cyber Jacked

Written by: Tommy FroehleHave you ever been cyber jacked? Let me begin by admitting that I am probably a cyber criminal's dream target - well other than a trusting 95-year-old lady with a little too much time. But finishing in a close second is myself. I’m careless with my personal information, I use the same password for everything, and honestly have a little too much faith that people are decent and honest (spoiler alert: they aren't.)

How I got cyber-jacked:

Some of you are going to read this and think “how could this person be so dumb?” and hindsight being 20/20, I would have to agree with you. All the signs were there for a good old fashioned cyber jacking. I never felt comfortable talking to this guy, but after he recited to me my old home address and email, followed by confirmation text messages from “PayPal”, I took the bait. Next, I Googled “PayPal customer support number” and after a few clicks I was provided with a 1-866-xxx-xxxx number. I stepped outside for what I assumed would be a brief call to have someone reset my login email. Well, after 30 minutes of updating my not so confidential information, I provide my current debit card information. Almost instantly I get a notification from my bank that $200 had been spent on an eBay account. I don't use eBay. After asking the man who had just cyber jacked me “hey, WTF dude?” he assured me that this is normal and that eBay and PayPal are partners. It was at this moment I knew I F%#$ up. I locked my debit card but the damage was done. This part of the story has nothing to do with cybercrime, but just to give you a little glimpse into how awful my day was. While I was on the phone with fake PayPal I locked my keys in the car. So there I sit $200 poorer, locked out of my car, and in the rain, waiting on the fire department to come save my car keys. When it rains it pours, and I was soaking wet.

But if there is a silver lining to all of this, it is the fact that I did a little digging on cybercrime - so let me hit you with some quick facts:

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