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The Past Called…They Want Their Clothes Back

Written by: Sarah OlsonThe past called…they want their clothes back.A “blast from the past” is the perfect way to describe the current fashion trends and fads in pop culture today. Throughout the past few years we have seen the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s return whether it’s through clothes, cameras, or accessories.

Let’s start with the 60s! To state the obvious… gloves have made a comeback… but unfortunately, it’s the latex kind. They may not be styled the way they were in the 60s but hey, they’re back. Along with gloves, we are seeing oversized sunglasses make their way back into current fashion trends. The bigger the better! Continuing on the bigger is better trend… hoop earrings were also very popular in the 60s and they have resurfaced as well. Remember as a kid when you would wear tie dye and dress up as a “hippie”? Well, it’s your time to shine again because tie dye is in high demand again. During quarantine, crafts became a huge activity that people would do in their free time. One of the more popular crafts was tie dye. All over social media people were showing and even selling their creations.

Next, the 70s. I love a good pair of flare jeans! Back in the 70s, bell bottoms as they were called, were all the craze. Now, along with the high waisted jeans, the flared style is working its way back. Another previous trend that has made its way back is peasant blouses. You may know them as off the shoulder, oversized-like blouses. Peasant blouses can be slightly cropped so as high waisted jeans made a reappearance; the peasant tops didn’t fall too far behind.

Calvin Harris once said, “It was acceptable in the 80s”. Recently, biker shorts have taken over the internet… but wait… there’s more. Along with biker shorts there’s scrunchies, cropped jeans, and fanny packs. Products that left the market or that were once used for “dress up” are now sweeping the nation. Another quarantine craft people took part in was making their own ripped jeans and even bleaching their jeans. Ripped jeans started in the 80s and never really left the fashion world… and those jeans you mom wears or used to wear… those are back too.

Say cheese! The 90s are back! Who needs to upload pictures to the “cloud” when you can simply go to your neighborhood drug store and pick up a disposable camera? With their timeless feel, disposables have become very sought after with Generation Z. Now, kids are slowly started to step back into the past. By making “throwback” playlists starring the Backstreet Boys, using disposable and polaroid cameras, wearing bandanas, overalls and “dad shoes”, Generation Z is embracing that past and letting it shine just one more time. Fashion changes every day. Each day there is a new trend, a new fad, or a new fashion disaster. By reminiscing on clothes, cameras, accessories, and more, the past is relived and people are able to relate on a more common ground since these trends have all been popular before. We’re living in the roaring 20s again and as 2020 flies by, favored trends will die and former trends will be made new again, let’s queue the flappers.If you liked "The Past Called…They Want Their Clothes Back" be sure to check out our other shower thoughts and subscribe to our newsletter!