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The Importance of Journalism in Marketing

There are many things that are challenging to do if you don’t have the proper tools to do it. Two of those things, when it comes to the world of business, are writing and marketing. Marketing yourself or your brand can be difficult because you may not be able to be relatable, relevant, or different from your competitors. Writing can be difficult because, well, words are really hard.

Why are these things that seem so straightforward actually difficult, you ask? It’s a complicated thing. Let’s look at it for both marketing and writing. For marketing, creating social media content and forms of advertisements is easy, doing it well is not. For writing, constructing a sentence, paragraph, or page is easy, doing it well is not.

Good journalism and good marketing go hand-in-hand more often than not, as marketing, on the surface, is no more than telling a story. Clearly, there’s much more to marketing than telling a story, but, if you can’t tell a story, you can’t make yourself or your brand known.

This is going to be a weird little Inception moment, but, think about why so many major brands have specified blog sections on their websites. These blogs don’t have to tell magnificent stories or be page-turning, they just have to be a story.

Take Adidas, for example. Their blog page features stories like the history of their shoes. A lot of people don’t go out of their way to read about the history of Adidas shoes, but some do. As a shoe and clothing company, it fits with their brand to write about the history of their shoes, as more people in their audience would enjoy reading about that.

Adidas isn’t writing about today’s top hits or the five best travel destinations for newlyweds, they’re writing about shoes, clothing, and athletic-related topics because those topics are relevant to their audience.

People like hearing all kinds of stories. If they didn’t, movies, shows, music, and so much more would not be around today. Just because you might be writing a story about a niche topic doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. A good story has to be captivating and appealing to your audience, no matter what it’s about.

Even if just a few people read a blog post or a story you tell, at least you’re generating some sort of following of people that express interest in your brand. Social media marketing might do the trick for some, but telling a story will never get old. So, tell your story and tell it well. People love a good story and there is no downside to humanizing your brand.