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On the Origin of Species: Market Evolution

Charles Darwin would be aghast if he knew I was applying his essay on natural selection of a species to advertisement logos, but he is dead, and no adaptation will save him from that.Yes, death is tragic, but a necessary facet of life. One life must move on to make way for the next. Unfortunately, the same is true for the current business market. The cycle of life is an unstoppable force that encompasses all life, and your business is not an exception to the rule. When science permits us to break this cycle and man becomes immortal, we will be sure to let you know. Until then, we must continue down the formidable path of survival of the fittest.Survival implies the contrary, that those who do not survive their current environment, well, do not. A bleak, but a fair state of the world we live in. With the ever-evolving industry, keeping your head above water and ensuring that your business will continue to flourish is a subtle finesse. A skill that must take many shapes, because a static business model is a sinking business model.Having “enough” business is not a valid excuse to resign from growing a business. In today’s market of social media, trending topics, hashtags, search engine optimization, and targeted digital advertisement, fast-pace is the name of the game. What is not utilized today is forgotten by tomorrow, and there is nothing worse than a stale meme. Holding back the “I’ve already seen this” face from my heartwarmingly eager, but late to the game friends, is quite possibly the only thing worse than death itself. (And from what I’ve heard, death is pretty bad too.)So, this Darwin guy, he had a thing for finches. He observed them for, what I’m assuming was far too long for comfort if you’re a finch, and he discovered a peculiar phenomenon that came to be known as Natural Selection. Basically, a species that has an advantageous quality or variation that allows them to survive their current environment will inevitably live to be able to pass down their genes. As a result, their offspring will have similar advantageous qualities, perpetuating the adaptation within the species. The lesser equipped variety proceed to “go back to live on the farm,” which is where my dog went if I remember correctly.I know what you’re thinking. What if I don’t have those magical qualities that allow me to succeed? What if I don’t have enough gusto to do this on my own? Well, luckily, we’re not finches. Humans don’t have to develop small and slender beaks to pick bugs out of trees.In many ways, humans have separated themselves from the threat of environmental stress. Not to say that we are immune to environmental challenges, but we’ve developed a system in which we use our specific skill sets to acquire money in order to pay for services we cannot or do not want to provide for ourselves. (If you’ve never heard of a job before, please go and get one, you hippie.) This system allows people to work symbiotically to survive even though nobody knows the first thing about building a shelter or growing their own food.Likewise, many people don’t understand the complexity of the growing digital marketing environment. Well, that’s my job.Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume you at least know what the internet is. It’s kind of a thing by now. The internet has consumed our lives and enabled us to order whatever we want, whenever we want, stay inside, watch Netflix, and stay away from all those other scary people.Call it slothful, call me an entitled millennial, but I call it evolution. People are dropping their cable subscriptions, making television advertisement obsolete, and nobody even goes outside anymore to be able to see billboards, except for maybe graffiti artists. We have forever altered the way in which businesses have to reach us. It’s time to update your archaic marketing strategies.Intentionally choosing to opt out of the market evolution to digital media is, quite literally, a stake to the heart. If your business is successful now, that’s great. I hope it stays that way, but people go where they know. The world is changing and the only way to not be forgotten is to adapt.